Well, guys, you know what they say: size doesn’t matter especially these days. Usually, if I work together with small enterprises they tend to commit a mistake: either way, they assume they can do everything, or pretty much the opposite: they do not dare to think big. And here is my answer for all of you: no, you and your small team cannot do everything and yes, your business deserves operational setup for outsourcing.

When to outsource? The eureka moments of outsourcing

Let’s jump right in. How would you know that even if you are a small-sized company but you are in need to outsource some of your activities? You keep hearing the word “virtual assistant, 4 hours a week” but you are still not quite convinced. Well, you realize the following two things, the decision will be easier I promise.

1. Only You know you. What can you do? And what you cannot do? Maybe you are the expert of law, international taxes, shipping, etc. but you have no idea about other areas: content creation, online marketing, sales and so. And that is right. You don’t need to know everything, but your limits. You can choose to learn them with a high possibility of failure, or you can just find an expert who will not only teach you to some extent but help you and your business to get going.

2. When you realize: it is time to let go. Business is business, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your life, your family, your free time. When you are on the edge, you are in the rush, it does no good for anyone, especially for your business. When you are not relaxed and tired, you could easily make mistakes, forget about details, and get frustrated in a second. Do you want to drive yourself this crazy? I don’t think so.

3. And here is a DON’T. My advice is don’t outsource something because you don’t want to do it or you are not in the mood to do so. Everyone hates administration work, I get it. Some of it, you can outsource, many virtual assistants would be just happy to do that for you. But don’t forget, you will always have core values and core strength of the business that you personally need to take care of. Don’t outsource tasks that have those little details that in the end matter.

The first step when you are ready to outsource

I am not going to lie: outsourcing at the beginning will take a bit of your time, but after it will pay off no matter the size of your beloved company. When you have had all the eureka moments and you are ready to grow your business we are here to give you all the support, book a free consultation. We are going to help you to discover your potential and help you find your virtual assistance or experts in the following fields: content marketing, payroll, bookkeeping, scheduling, and administration. Get in touch with us now or scroll for more hacks and tricks for outsourcing.