Is life only about work?

Do you want to make the 4 hour work week a reality?
Do you need to reduce the stress of handling administrative burdens and reduce losses incurred due to repetitive mistakes?

We connect you with the help you need: Your and your Team’s busy schedule will be gone with automation and outsourcing help

  • can help you to spend more time with your family and with your hobbies
  • We can provide a process map and suggestions for automation, and potential improvement options, which will help you to grow your business tactically.
  • will continuously test, evaluate, and revise processes with special emphasis on financial aspects.
  • will develop a process description and train new employees.
  • will achieve the best quality on the lowest fee.
  • can help you to understand the various aspects of virtual assistance and outsourcing and guide you accordingly to choose the best way that fits your needs.

What can you outsource?

Ask yourself: What do you hate doing? What you cannot really do? What are the tasks you are good at, but is it really YOU who needs to do them? Scroll through this guide to get inspired


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    Mapping of processes

    Mapping of business processes and customer journey to ensure an outstanding experience for YOUR clients. 

    Time-Zone difference

    Time-zone difference will be not an issue but an opportunity. We will coordinate teams of different time-zones  


    Developing of process descriptions and trainings for current and new employees

    outsourcing without headaches

    Your operational manager will keep control on your outsourced tasks to ensure quality and confidentaility.

    areas to improve

    Identifying areas to improve, tasks to automate or outsource by visualisation of processes and team structure.    

    Continuous evaluation

    Testing, evaluation and revising of processes with special emphasize on financial aspects


    Financial planning of your projects


    Your safety is guaranteed by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. 


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    Nick - Nomad Consulting

    I was determined to outsource my everyday tasks to achieve the dream (goal) of 4 hour work week. This service provided me great advise about what to automate and outsource, supported me in the whole process, made my life so much easier.

    Dan - Artemis Vocational Education Supporting Association

    So much more than a virtual assistant agency. Our tasks were mapped and outsourced hassle-free. Recommended!

    Anastasia - Xavia

    The concierge service helped me to choose the best virtual assistant package, tailor-made to our needs and budget

    Olimpia Demeter, Frigytervezo - Wedding Consultant

    I have not thought that such a wedding business as mine will required these impressive support methods what Zsofia just mentioned during our session. The meeting went so smooth and well-organized. The result of her extraordinary job just pointed us lots of aspects what we definitely need to do for the success. I could only describe her assistance in these words: Professionalism, Effectiveness, and Wise Management