A fancy new term for a well-known position or is it something new? Does it sound cool but nobody knows what they do behind their desks?
In my experience I can describe it to you in a simple way: I ensure productivity, efficiency and awesome client experience to my clients. Plus, I keep an eye on the budget (sorry, two sentences). Generally, operations managers exist for a decade or two and until now they were mostly privilege for big, multinational companies. Why? It is important to have an overall view that is above teams, makes a decision that is cost-effective about process setup- strategical hiring and outsourcing.
Being an „operational manager” is like being a professional chameleon (a very wise one). It blends a lot of positions in one business cocktail: finance/ accounting, office management, HR, customer support. The list can go on depending on the nature of your business.
Why would your company deserve less than a multinational?
We live in an age when the benefits of globalisation are low hanging fruits for everyone, Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from it and expand your business. I do admire people who are brave enough and start to run their own business. And even if it is really small, they do deserve the opportunity to look at their business, in a way, the big corporations look on their business.
So here you are, you have tried your luck, started your own business. Maybe you are good at sales, or you are more a technical person, but from now on you always have to have an eye on the practical side: profits, processes, people, opportunities. But here is the thing: you only have two eyes and a limited time.
An operational manager is a key to success
Is your business giving you more headache than joy? Then, it is a sign. For a new company the operational manager can be a deal-breaker: helps you to switch from fire fighting mode to planned and sustainable growth. They help you see the bigger picture, the structure, the finance and everyday life of your company. Maybe you have to face the failure of your past decisions, time-consuming activities that can be easily outsourced. But then you will get it: after clearing off the table you will have the energy to focus on development rather than just surviving. And that is the eventual goal behind every project and ideas, isn’t it so?
You need to stop losing in detail and start to take things off your plate to do what you are the best. Your operational manager helps you to achieve this. Frees up your time because their only focus is you, your business and getting the clear concept of what is going on and what should be done.
Be a focused, balanced and reliable CEO and build up a realm but make sure your operational manager prepares your battleship to win the war.