Let’s say, that you have already read all outsourcing related articles and blog posts (or most of them) and you did your research on the topic. Now, you are ready to take a leap of faith and hire someone whom you have never seen or met before. But do you actually know whom are you looking for?

You might want to save some time and read about what kind of different issues an operational manager and a virtual assistant can help you with. Because, believe me, it can be a tricky question. Me, as an operational manager I have encountered a lot of bad examples of how people suddenly get an idea to hire a virtual assistant and later they got back to me completely unsatisfied. Don’t misunderstand me: if you just need a person to handle your appointments and make some phone calls for you, then a virtual assistant is your savior. However VA’s often don’t commit for a long time and they, as in their contract, follow your lead and do as they are told. (Just to make it clear: I don’t blame them, this is the job that they are contracted for.)

Operational managers are more flexible and professional when it comes to business issues. I am not going to book your appointments and write your social media posts but I can do something else: find the right person to do it. As, an outsider, I will have a complete overview of your business processes in detail so I can see clearly what needs to be done to automate your processes. And yes, if it is needed I can provide you with recommendations and connect you with a VA freelancer. Long story short: I can guarantee you free time.

In the beginning, most of my previous clients failed to cooperate in the long term with virtual assistants. It wasn’t about the quality of their work, but the frame of these kinds of cooperation. If you are going to be a client you need to know whom are you looking for. It is not enough just to trust your guts, but you need to come up with tasks and a methodology of how you want to share information with them. Make several calls with them to introduce your work, your company, to provide them the workflow. You have to share internal documents, sometimes passwords and other confidential materials with them. Then it is also a commitment from you in the box: you have to regularly track their actual working hours and then follow their billing and make sure that your data is always protected and not given to a third party. And what if your VA decided to quit? Yes, you have to start again. Sounds time- consuming, doesn’t it?

With an operational manager, you have to set up all processes once and for all. You don’t have to worry about that some things are unclear and they will get out of hand and your outsourced tasks will be eventually low quality. As an operational manager, I will have an insight not just in urgent cases but I will see your strategy and logic behind your business. And the rest? You can trust me, I will make it tailor-made for you.