Don’t worry, we are not here to increase the panic that surrounds the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Though it is spreading in the world, more and more countries and territories are affected. And guess what else? Productivity, economy, sports, everyday life.

You might choose to stay at home for your safety, or you might be obliged to be in quarantine. Giving the situation, this is a wise decision from any business to support remote work. If you are a pro, you might get on with your life as normal. But if you have no idea how to complete your duties from the comfort of your room, we are giving you 5 tips to stay effective.

  1. Create your office

It sounds very attractive to take your laptop in your bed and accidentally spill out some coffee on it, but we are sure you know better. Sit in a chair, invest in an adjustable desk. Take away every small thing that may divert your attention. If you have a PC, it may be even better. You are forced to stay in front of it and you are not going to wander through your work on the kitchen table. Believe us, even this set up helps you to turn your engines on and provides you some self-discipline.

  1. Use online meeting tools

If you are in a home office, very likely than might as well your whole team. You still can use some old school online meeting tools, like Skype or Hangouts. We all know them: spending several minutes to get connected then get annoyed if the camera doesn’t work, or simply you cannot hear each other. We advise you to move on and try other cooperative tools. ezTalks and Fuze can hold together up to 25 people without charging you any extra fee. Make an experiment and give them a chance.

  1. Make your to-do list

We all know that is very tempting to take these days off. Finally, clean the dishes/floor and wash all your piled up clothes. You still can do it, but strictly during your break. Stand up, move, close and open your eyes but always return to your to-do list until it is finished. Like a morning routine, you can simply write down in a piece of paper what you want to accomplish that day (workwise of course). Crossing tasks out at the end of the day will give you pleasure. We promise this.

  1. Put your pants on

Please! Your everyday routine should start with a shower and cleaning your teeth, so don’t just give them up that easy. Eat healthily, take your time when preparing for work and do it in a kind of streetwear that is comfy but is still socially tolerated outside the walls.

  1. Set your boundaries

When choosing the spot that you will do your work from, don’t choose the busiest room in your house. Try to avoid corridors or common spaces where others can easily disturb you. Don’t get distracted by neighbors and don’t answer the doorbell. Remember, you are supposed to be out working in the office anyway.


Long story short: the home office is the wisest choice to stay safe and protect the business from spreading the virus onwards. And what if you are just about to set up your remote team? These unfortunate times at least gives you an excellent opportunity to experiment with new online tools and new ways of cooperation.