Do you spend a lot of time on your mailbox?

IMAGINE: You start your working day stress-fee – with a good cup of coffee and you can concentrate on important tasks – because you simply do not have to go through all of your emails.
Sounds like a dream? This article will show you how you can make it happen.

In this article, we will look into what you need to do to clean-up and automate your mailbox. Honestly, this can be a game changer to anyone who has an email address.

However, if you are a busy entrepreneur, I highly recommend to follow these steps as because after this you can easily and cost-efficiently outsource the management of your emails to a Virtual Assistant.

In order to organize your mailbox (before you consider to outsource), you need to take note of two important things, which if covered now can actually save you money on outsourcing. This is especially if you do not plan to hire a VA to make your life so much easier but wish to reduce your workload.

    There is a great chance you receive plenty of emails that you should not even see.

Either you plan to outsource your mailbox management, or simply you wish to be more efficient: make sure to eliminate as much emails as possible.

First on the list are the unnecessary mail lists you are subscribed to. Get rid of them, seriously!

Yes, I know it is so posh to read the newsletter of this super important thought leader, but we both know you actually don’t read it.

Get rid of any clutter, including this posh thought leader.

Use The service is currently unavailable in Europe, so you have to be clever when it asks you if you live in the EU and in the European Economic Area?

Other alternative can be Cleanfox or Gmail Unsubscriber.

If you have a team, and you keep reading through messages where you are only in cc, come up with guideline where do they need to cc you.

Generally speaking, CC is only a courtesy copy. If your team needs your attention on a certain email, they should put you in the TO field.

Having said that you can even set up a rule to move all emails where you are only cc-d in a separate folder that you can just occasionally check.

This already leads us to the SECOND POINT:


If you always have to take a simple action with a certain type of email, see if a software could do it for you.

Just to give you an example:
– When my clients sign their contract, I receive an email from EverSign, the platform for digital signature.
My only action was to download the attached contract and save it a Google Drive folder to keep the signed doc for my records.

Of course, it is a simple action, not too much time to do it once, but the regular emails add up. So, I set up a simple ZAPIER automation:
Every time if I receive an email from a specified sender, the attachment is always saved to a certain folder on my Google Drive.

I would like to conclude this article by encouraging you to take action TODAY!

If you can afford roughly 100 EUR a month, you already have a good chance to get help on your email, but you can still save tons of time on your side.
So, check on NOW and stop being spammed to ELIMINATE as much as you can.

In the next article, I will guide you how to hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your mailbox. Be sure not to miss it.