Let your Concierge guide you

Not sure where to start with outsourcing?

As a busy entrepreneur you suffer from repetitive tasks. You have not started your business for this hassle, but to create and live your dream. This is the time to become the creator you deserves to be.

Book a call with us without any obligation and let’s figure out together how the miracle of automation and outsourcing can help you.

How should you prepare?

  • You will need to tell us what is your vision, why did you start your business
  • Think about what takes away most of your time. Do not limit yourself, it can be anything
  • Be honest, we are here to help
  • Relax and let us guide you through this and find a solution


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Nick - Nomad Consulting

I was determined to outsource my everyday tasks to achieve the dream (goal) of 4 hour work week. This service provided me great advise about what to automate and outsource, supported me in the whole process, made my life so much easier.

Dan - Artemis Vocational Education Supporting Association

So much more than a virtual assistant agency. Our tasks were mapped and outsourced hassle-free. Recommended!

Anastasia - Xavia

The concierge service helped me to choose the best virtual assistant package, tailor-made to our needs and budget

Olimpia Demeter, Frigytervezo - Wedding Consultant

I have not thought that such a wedding business as mine will required these impressive support methods what Zsofia just mentioned during our session. The meeting went so smooth and well-organized. The result of her extraordinary job just pointed us lots of aspects what we definitely need to do for the success. I could only describe her assistance in these words: Professionalism, Effectiveness, and Wise Management