Do you want to level up your YouTube game by producing awesome binge-watch-worthy videos to promote your business, without wasting your time? If you thought yes, you totally need a PROCESS for this!

In this article, we will look into outsourcing video editing as the first step in rocking it on YouTube!
Consistency is a primary key to being successful in YouTube which is hard to maintain, especially if you have a business to take care of. Ergo, it is very important that you have a reliable VIDEO PRODUCTION PROCESS and outsourced team.

The process of your video production should include the following:
– Content brainstorm
– Initial setup of your YouTube channel
– SEO optimized keyword research
– Script writing
– Recording
– Video editing
– Review
– Create Thumbnails
– Channel management
– External sharing and promotion of your videos and channel on Facebook, blogs, Quora and other forums.

Trust me, it is awful a LOT of work. Good thing you can check out Myprocesses team who offers ONE-STOP-SHOP packages to cover this all.

Before diving further in to outsourcing your whole YouTube processes, I absolutely recommend that you first focus in outsourcing your VIDEO EDTING process because it will boost the quality of your content – eventually resulting to an increased watch time, more subscribers and more views, in the long-run. Simply saying, more clients.

What could be your holdbacks?

  • Will it cost me tons of money? Absolutely NOT! You can even get a decent video editor from 10-15 USD / video. Mind-blowing, right?
  • Is it complicated to outsource? Absolutely NOT, especially if you follow the process I recommend. You can still reach out to me for a free consultation.
    You might also think you can do the editing better than anyone else: Hey, The most successful YouTubers do outsource their video editing too.

Follow the steps below to hire a video editor easily:

  1. Know your BUDGET
    First and foremost let me emphasize it is affordable to hire a video editor, but as for any outsourcing, it costs money and you need to be honest about the budget you can afford to pay.
    Do you want to pay hourly or per video? Paying hourly means you pay for the time the editor works on your video, per video price is the same regardless the time spent on the job.
    Usually I recommend to my clients to go for a package price. It is easier to set up a package if you know in advance the general length and complexity of your videos (B-rools, complex footage, features and animations).
    As I just showed you, the YT process have many elements, and you can have a better deal if you buy other services in one package, together with the editing itself.
  2. Have BACKUP
    Anyone can go on holiday, get sick, it happens with freelancers that they simply disappear or cannot get the job done by the deadline.
    Also a good idea to avoid the testing phase and shopping around in the market by engaging with someone who has multiple editors and other assistants on board, like we have at Myprocesses.
  3. Have a process to Maintain consistency
    After being an Operational Manager, and with years of experience in Multi-National companies I can guarantee you that the key to success is having a reliable process, that turns an input into a desirable output.
    In this case the input is a random topic idea that manifests in an awesome YouTube video with thousands of views.
    I have a clear plug-and-play process that can be easily tailor-made to your needs. It will include:
    -Number of videos you plan to post weekly;
    -the posting days, because YT algorithm prefers you to post always in the same time;
    -the deadlines: btw If you batch your video creation, you can be more flexible regarding the deadlines and turnaround speed of the editing, but I recommend to agree on a max 3–4-day deadline.
  4. Also indicate the responsible people for each step and the preferred communication channel.
  5. Provide sufficient TRAINING
    For all my clients, I put together a training for the editors before we proceed with the outsourcing.
    I always include the ways of communication, the brand colors / fonts that should be used, if there is any preferred example of similar videos and the detailed tasks, if we expect also a teaser video, specified naming of the files and so on.
    Just for you to know, YouTube algorithm favors relevant content, so it is good to add the tags to the metadata of the file and name the file as the final title of the video. Your editor can do that as well.
  6. COMMUNICATE clearly
    I can’t emphasize enough; no process will be ever successful without good communication.
    Most YouTubers do not shoot in one sitting, and if neither do you, you need to tell your editor which clips should be put together, what is the text or animation you want to see. All this can come to a nice template that you can reuse for every succeeding video.
    Don’t forget, the best editor has close attention to details, follows your instruction but at the same time takes the creative risk to add some extra buzzz to you content, so you will not have to detail everything.

The biggest obstacle of the YouTube process is having a lot of back-and-forth communication with your editors. With following these steps, you can ensure quality delivery on one go, thus save time and money.
EXTRA TIP If you are looking for help in video production, finding the best gear, help to design your background and getting an overall confidence, I absolutely recommend the incredible DIY Video course of Amanda Horvath.