Do you think about outsourcing as a luxury of big companies? Stop fooling yourself: your direct competitors already use outsourcing to be more cost-efficient and to serve their clients better. So make sure you take outsourcing as a serious tool and opportunity to let your business grow and grow faster. If you can’t keep up, then you’ll miss out on future business growth. Long story short: hereby I have made you a list of the top 5 outmost benefits of outsourcing that also apply to small businesses.

What outsourcing is good for?

You as a small business or startup will have tons of benefits: a more efficient business means a more relaxed inhouse team, and you as a business owner will be more relaxed too. Therefore you can concentrate on more value-added task and accelerate your business further. Here are our top 5 reasons why it is worth outsourcing.

1. Focus on what’s the most important

Instead of fire fighting and struggling with daily small problems, like scheduling, content creation, or on-time delivery of a product, what if you just lay back and focus on what is truly important for your business. Every enterprise has a core area that should be nourished. It is nice of you that you and your team want to do everything but sometimes you just have to let it go, to achieve success with a reasonable amount of work.

2. Lower costs

Having a newbie onboard could be pure happiness but also, kind of hell when it comes to finances. Recruiting takes a lot of time and effort, finding the right person might as well be a lottery in some cases. Integrating the new employee to the team and setting up the office environment? Well, if you are thinking to work with contractors, all this pain will go away. Their work in their own “office”, they are billable so they pay their own taxes meanwhile delivering specific tasks on time.

3. Access to skilled human resource

If you are a master of everything then you probably don’t know anything. You and your team could be the greatest community ever, but you should accept this: there will be always competences and knowledge that is outside of your professional pool. With contractors, like virtual assistants or content creators you can be sure the job will be done with the required skill set.

4. Increased efficiency

Contractors are not almighty, but guess what? They are experts in specific areas. You and your staff would spend hours on completing tasks, figuring out every small detail. But if you are involving someone who has actual experience in doing it, it could extremely prove your work efficiency and save you a good amount of time.

5. Promote growth

With greater efficiency, there will be more time to grow personally and professionally. There is only room for growing when all resources are in the process in the right place. Imagine it like a puzzle that eventually you want to frame and put in on the wall. Growing is the motivational power for a team and a business, without it, you lose the core of your work.

Still not sure of hiring a virtual assistant?

Outsourcing have a long list of benefits, so you should go for it. Don’t be afraid to work with outside contractors and involve them in your family-sized team! These virtual colleagues are people who possess the skills you need, while your core team can work beside them and can acquire new skills and competences. If you have any questions or doubts, just contact me and I will be happy to answer you!