You are ready to turn your expertise into a passive income generating online course, however, you are baffled by the amount of work it is going to mean for you.
I am sure you already know it is not truly possible to create an online course in 60 minutes nor in 3 days. It is a time-consuming process to turn your idea into sellable course.
But how can you make it easier?
One of the greatest headaches for course creators is the VIDEO creation. So, in this tutorial let’s look into simplifying video creation – from writing your script to preparing your presentation, until the shooting and editing of the video.
When you are making your online course, do not underestimate your personal value in the process. Those, who buy your course want to hear the information you are sharing, because you are solving an important problem for them, but more importantly, they want to hear it from you.
Yes, because you are the one who convinced them with your expertise and knowledge in the subject. You are the person whom they trust to give them the answer they so desperately need. So, you have to show up in your online course personally and not just share your screen and record your voice.
Even if this sounds a bit scary and certainly a lot of work, follow me in these 5 steps to make it much easier for you.

Tip 1
Pre-write the content that you want to talk about.
Ideally you have chosen a topic that you could talk about for days and still feel you could tell more. That’s how it should be. But your students do not necessarily have days to listen. I don’t know how it is for you, but I certainly appreciate straight-to-the-point courses.
Therefore, I highly recommend having a good draft of what you want to talk about before sitting down to record a module.
I always follow a pre-written draft script when I record ANY kind of video. Actually, most of my clients find it really helpful to have a professional copywriter to write the content of the module for them based on their draft. If you do not have absolute confidence in front of the camera this is an ideal solution. Your knowledge can be perfectly shaped in a well-written script that you can either memorize or use with a teleprompter to read it out loud. I will leave a link for a good teleprompter equipment below.

Tip 2
Create presentation materials.
Educators use visual materials to help their students understand and digest the information, so should you.
Needless to say, these materials must look awesome to give you the credibility and keep your students motivated.
If you want to make your online course video creation easier, do not spend long hours on PowerPoint or Canva, but let your assistant prepare those presentations.

Tip 3
Create your set with minimal equipment and shoot.
This is easier than you think.
I am a digital nomad, so I do not have a constant home base.
I use my phone, not even a pricy one, to record videos, standing on a cheap tripod. I have 2 soft boxes to create a proper light. If you do a recording closer, also showing your screen at the same time, a simple LED Ring Light is fully sufficient.
To have a good sound I use a really affordable microphone as well.
Once you have your script and the set, all you need to do is put your phone on airplane mode and start talking about your passion. It is fun and relaxing, no stress, you can always edit it.
Talk in chunks, repeat each until you feel you nailed it. Later in the editing it can be nicely put together.
If you wish to learn more about shooting your own videos, I highly recommend you the incredible online course of Amanda Horvath.

Tip 4
Outsource the video editing.
Certainly, video editing is the most time-consuming part of creating your online course videos, so I highly, highly recommend to outsource it to a video editor, not just to correct the mistakes you might make during shooting, but also to give a bit of an extra buzz to your video.

Tip 5
Create teaser videos.
When selling your course, you can give a bit of a sneak-peak for potential students buy creating short teaser videos, just to show the immense value you are sharing in your course. You video editor can help you with this.

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